Also known as SpectriX. We are a security group. We participate in onsite and offsite Hacking competitions called CTFs, in this blog you will find writeups for interresting tasks published after each CTF.


Active team members:

chaker: Crypto guy. He is conformtable with playing in any category.
maro: Good in binary analysis and do binary exploitation as well.

You ?

Inactive team members:

-achn30: Our Web guy, He is good in Forensics also.
xgeek:  Good in binary exploitation.
deadheadtn: Stego and Forensic.
godfather : Pwn.


We organized  one online worldwide CTF called Pwnium CTF 2014.
Authoring tasks fro Hackfest CTF.


We won the following CTFs in Tunisia:

-Securiday CTF 2014/2015/2016
-Hackzone CTF 2014/2016
-Esprit Hack Days CTF 2016/2015


If your are interessted in joining our team check this page.